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Why not write about the history of the Tri-State area of Southeast Tennessee, Northwest Georgia, and Northeast Alabama? We are always looking for well written short articles about the history and genealogy of this area. We can use researched and sourced articles about specific historical topics, such as area landmarks, businesses, people, families, and historical events. We also want short personal memoirs from anyone who has a special memory about some aspect of area history: a business, an event, a place, a person, etc. So if you want to share your memories of the Battle of Athens, Tennessee, Donald Trump's visits to Dalton with Marla Maples, being an extra during the filming of the movie "Wild River," Scottboro's First Monday trade days, or anything else, we want to hear from you! And we really like photographs with your writing too, if you have any.

Please CONTACT us with your ideas and queries, or just send us an article, and we will take a look at it!

If we want to use your article, and publish it on the site, we will give you a byline and back link to your blog or website. We reserve the option to pay for articles of exceptional quality, and compelling, original and unique material.

Chattanooga History

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Articles about Chattanooga area history.

Tri-State History

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Articles about history and genealogy in Southeast Tennessee, Northwest Georgia, and Northeast Alabama.

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